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    A happy Christmas to Martin Unsworth who has reviewed Urban Terrorsover on the website of Starburst magazine. This is the book's first review and it's a solid 7/10.

    "It is practically a boom time for BHF, as we see more and more no-budget films being made, and surprisingly, some are actually good. This book serves as an interesting overview of what was really the start of the BHF renaissance and, while some of the time Simpson is just quoting other reviewers and sources, the wealth of information and the namechecking of some overlooked gems makes it well worth a read."

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    I don't have much info yet on Lunatic, except that it's a werewolf movie which is aiming to shoot next year in my home town of Leicester. Written by Stephen Batchelor (of whom I know nothing) and produced by Leicester's own martial arts master Kwoklyn Wan, hulking older brother of fashion guru Gok!

    "At first, a small town murder looks to be the work of wild dogs. Unfortunately, wild dogs don't walk on two legs. This town has a secret, but how many will have to die before the truth comes out?"

    The only horror feature previously shot in Leicester was Rhys Davies' Zombie Undead. Apparently Lunatic is casting for extras now. Could this be another chance for me and young TF Simpson to boost our resumés?

    Find out more on the movie's Facebook page.

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    The Addicted 

    Shot in September 2011, Sean J Vincent’s second feature had a cast and crew screening in November 2012.

    "In 1987, David is a resident at ‘The Manor’ Drug Rehab Unit. Whilst there he is being kept addicted to heroin by a Clinical Director Chris Hunter whilst he has an affair with David’s wife. Chris eventually poisons David with contaminated heroin leaving him with horrendous facial disfigurement and chronic pain. David soon hangs himself.  25 years later and we follow Chris’s daughter Nicole as she tries to break into TV journalism. Her boyfriend (Adam) suggests they spend a night filming with friends in the now derelict Drug Rehab unit. There have been recent reports of paranormal goings-on and they plan to try and film them. It soon becomes clear however that they are very much not alone…"

    Any Minute Now 

    Shot in Dorset, between March and August 2011, the second feature from Peter (Season of the Witch*) Goddard appears to have run into funding problems. Starring the bloke who played Zammo in Grange Hill! (*Also awaiting release.)

    "When her parents decide to separate, sixteen year old Anna Brooks is sent to spend the summer in a small coastal town with her old fashioned aunt and uncle, Jennifer and David Collingwood. Anna is narcoleptic and suffers traumatic hallucinations as side effects to her medication. Whilst living in small town suburbia several bizarre incidents take place which lead Anna to question her own sanity. Is it really all in her head or is something more sinister going on in the small sleepy town?"

    Argon Green 

    Probably the only horror film about diabetes - apart from Derby University lecturer Tom Craig’s previous short Sugar Drop. Shot in stages over 2011 and 2012, this seems to be awaiting further funds.

    "For acclaimed artist and Diabetes sufferer Daniel Corrigan, the end of his career is clearly signalled when successive treatments for Diabetic retinopathy begin to rob his world of both colour and depth. Believing that it is only a matter of time before his sight is permanently lost, Daniel throws himself into his work in a desperate attempt to create his final masterpiece. As Daniel retreats further and further into his own private world, his wife realises that drastic action must be taken to save both her husband, and perhaps herself, from madness."

    Arkham Sanitarium 

    Shot in May 2011, Andrew Morgan’s Lovecraft anthology is another film stuck in post-production limbo, awaiting completion funds.

    "Arkham Sanitarium is an anthology of three short stories faithfully adapted from the works of HP Lovecraft: ‘The Haunter of the Dark’, ‘The Shunned House’ and ‘The Thing on the Doorstep’. Each of the three stories is set in 1930s New England (specifically Providence, Rhode Island and the fictional town of Arkham, Massachusetts). The stories are connected by an original ‘wraparound’ story. In this story – set in the 1950s – Alice Crow investigates the strange stories surrounding the infamous Arkham Sanitarium."

     Art House Massacre 

    Steve Laurence’s film (originally titled Art House) was shot in 2011 and premiered at the British Horror Film Festival in August 2012 (see my review here). but there is no sign yet of a release.

    "Liz is a nurse who had to quit her job as she struggles to cope with the emotional stress of having lost a baby. With the debts piling up and her and her husband Ben at emotional and financial breaking point, she takes a modelling job to help make ends meet. Arriving at the shoot, Liz meets Philip, an intense and successful young photographer and she feels flattered by his interest. But all is not what it seems in this remote middle class area... and while Liz poses for her new friend Philip, she has no idea of the horror that is lurking in the shadow... until... Liz finds a body, panic stricken she knows they have to escape, she tries her only hope... Ben. Will there strained relationship hold up long enough for him to believe her and save her? As the body count rises will she make it out alive? Or will the sinister game of cat and mouse end in a bloody masterpiece. Life Imitates Art... Art Imitates Death."

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    A young man from Birmingham named Noveed ‘Veeder’ Zubair has been posting regular blogs and videos while making this zero-budget psychological horror film for the past couple of years. (His first film was a half-hour, black-and-white, silent Friday the 13th homage filmed in Adis Ababa!) This is clearly a labour of love and I really hope he gets it finished.


    Filmed in August 2011 as Final Project, Jason Ford’s hoodie horror premiered at Frightfest 2012 and is now playing other festivals. Worldwide rights were picked up by High Point Films in January 2012 (who called it “somewhere between The Wicker Man and Kidulthood”) so expect a release sometime in late 2013. [Update: Community is scheduled for a UK DVD release in February.]

    "The Drayman Estate has become an urban legend. Amongst the sinister stories of strange locals and brutal violence, people have gone missing there. Two student fiilm-makers visit the estate in the hope their documentary will land them a lucrative film career. Within minutes they are introduced to a pregnant child and a skinned dog in a shallow grave. They quickly discover that behind the awkward smiles, the adults appear to be on drugs whilst the children roam wildly, further proof that the estate is a breeding ground for the darker side of society. A society which is about to present the students with material of unimaginable horror, turning their final project into their darkest nightmare."

    A Date with Ghosts 

    After several shorts, Jason Brown started work on his debut feature in 2010. Originally announced for 2011, then 2012, hopefully we’ll finally see it in 2013. He has cut together two trailers so far.

    "The story of a group of friends that get trapped in a haunted abbey with no easy way of escaping."

      The Dead Inside 

      Andrew Gilbert’s zombie feature was shot during the summer of 2010 and the spring of 2011. There was a cast and crew screening in November 2012. Not to be confused with the identically titled American zombie musical.

      "A crap night out just got a fair bit worse: It's the end of the world! The undead are out in force, roaming the streets and devouring all who get in their way. Shot in a realistic style, The Dead Inside looks at a very human reaction to a barely human enemy. A group of soldiers, civilians and (holy crap!) teenagers hole up in a local school for protection from the undead hordes outside. Food is running low, morale doubly so. Tensions are high and things are looking bad when a stranger arrives outside the gate... then they get a whole lot worse. Blood sweat and tears - and that was just the post-production! The Dead Inside aims to tell the tale of the impending Zombie Apocalypse in a realistic and very British manner."

      Dead of the Nite 

      Shot at the start of 2011, the main selling point of SJ Evans’ eagerly anticipated film is the casting coup of Tony Todd. The post-production should be finished any day now.

      "When a group of Internet sensation ghost hunters investigate the infamous Jericho Manor, they soon realise it's not just ghosts that go bump in the night! As each member of the team gets slaughtered one by one, the remaining survivors need to discover who...or what is killing them before it's too late. But be warned, if you thinks it's just another 'Blair Witch'...think again!"

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      After a string of impressive shorts, Martin Gooch shot this Robert Rankin-esque gothic fantasy in early 2011 and it has been playing festivals since May 2012. No sign of a release yet though. Cast includes Emily Booth and Leslie Philips, both of whom have worked previously with the director. I really want to see this.

      “Following the death of their Dad, four brothers and sisters return to the family home after many years to face each other, face facts and face the future. But what do they know of the past? Frankenstein meets The Others. An indy film for lovers of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Amelie, Truly Madly Deeply and lovers of all that is Gothic.”


      The latest feature from Neil (The Reverend) Jones was shot in Spain in late summer 2011. Craig Fairbrass heads the cast.

      “Four girls go on a bachelorette party weekend to a country house, in rurla Spain. Little did they know what someone had planned for them. The real party begins when the host is mysteriously attacked and, one by one, the guests find themselves in mortal danger. The race is on to uncover the killer’s identity and they must fight back or be brutally murdered.”

      The Dying Seconds 

      Directed by Kris Rennie and Morgan Black, this micro-budget zombie feature was apparently planned as a series of webisodes. The first (prelude) episode was filmed in Aberdeenshire in October 2011, a trailer appeared the following month and there has been no news since then.

      “When the world as we know it has come to an end, the dying seconds of life is all we have left.”


      Dervla Kirwan stars in this feature which was shot by Steve Stone in February 2011 and played several festivals in October 2012. Word of mouth is good - just waiting for news of a release. 

      “1998: Thirty four unidentified bodies were found in shallow graves in a remote Siberian forest. Despite subsequent police investigations no official explanation was ever offered by the Russian authorities for these deaths. The case was closed three years later. 2010: A small English TV crew set out for the remote Russian forest. The Darkest Secrets TV programme revisits the sites of unsolved mysteries both ancient and modern. They employ the gifts of a psychic whose extraordinary powers may shed new light on this old secret. The last communication to their production office in London stated that they were approaching the Siberian region where the bodies were found. Nothing was heard from them again.”

      The Eschatrilogy 

      Damian Morter’s impressive and enjoyable zombie anthology was shot in 2011 and recently started doing the rounds of festivals. A release announcement surely can’t be too far away; in fact we may well see this before Morter’s first feature, Bicycle Day. Read my review here.

      "The population is now scarce...a young man called Matthew now seeks refuge and solitude in the hill tops and mountains, spending his days repetitively picking up the starving dead by the roadside and burning them on his fire. One day he encounters Cal, a mysterious stranger who passes out in his camp. Matthew takes him in, and upon inspecting Cal's possesions, he comes across a journel, which documents three stories of horror Cal has experienced upon his search for 'the Storyteller' an ancient demon who has caused the death and chaos which now surrounds them...but as Cal sleeps and Matthew reads on, something approaches from the forests around them and soon. they will no longer be alone..."

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      The debut feature from director Lance Patrick was produced by Lee Akehurst and was filmed in late 2010 with a preview screening in 2011. The film-makers have since re-edited the movie which was expected to hit festivals in 2013 - but the Innovate Films website disappeared over Christmas (while I was writing this!) which doesn't bode well.

      “In 1963 a young woman was possessed by a demon claiming to be the Devil, a local priest was requested by the girl’s mother to perform an Exorcism. No one knows what became of them. 50 years later a group of filmmakers attempt to recreate the Exorcism but they are not prepared for the horror they will encounter. Captured on behind the scenes camera we the audience are now able to see these disturbing and unexplained events leading to the film crew’s final hour.”

      The Forgotten

      The debut feature from Oliver Frampton (at one time script editor of The Bill) was shot at the end of 2011 but has yet to be screened anywhere. 

      “A father and son are forced to squat in a derelict flat in an abandoned council estate. While 14 year old Tommy struggles to connect with his deteriorating father Mark, and glean where his mum might have gone, he makes an unlikely new friend in ballsy, street-smart Carmen. Together they investigate the unsettling experiences Tommy’s having on the estate and start to unravel the chilling truth behind the noises coming through Tommy’s bedroom wall from the apartment next door.”

      The Glass Man 

      Andy Nyman, James Cosmo and Neve Campbell topline Cristian Solimeno’s thriller which was shot in March 2011 and debuted at Frightfest a few months later. There have been some good reviews, and some bad’uns. No news on a release yet.

      “Every morning, Martin Pyrite gets dressed, takes breakfast, kisses his wife Julie goodbye, and then sets off for work. Only Martin isn't going anywhere. Having lost his high-paying financial services job, he is sinking fast into near-insurmountable debt. To make matters worse, Martin's former employer has made him the fall guy for a disastrous business decision, essentially blacklisting him from other firms. Determined not to let his wife know, Martin strives to maintain the couple's posh standard of living by stretching their credit to its very limits. Then, late one night, a sinister debt collector knocks on his door with a proposition: help him carry out one task, and he'll wipe Martin's financial slate clean. However, the simplicity of this ominous request belies the chilling journey ahead. Martin quickly finds himself descending into his own private hell, where he must confront his worst fears made real.”


      Co-written by Steven (Mum and Dad) Sheil, Miranda Bowen’s psychological thriller was filmed in May 2011 with a projected release of 2012. But to date there has not even been a trailer or a poster, the film’s website is defunct and there is no trace of production company Bishop Films. Where has this one gone? 

      “Lucille and Joe have moved to Gozo, a tiny island in the Mediterranean Sea, off the coast of Malta. They have a nice car, a steady income, a beautiful farmhouse with breathtaking views and a swimming pool. They seem to have it all. But when a young tourist goes missing on the island, Joe's disquieted conscience begins to get the better of him. As the buried horrors of Lucille and Joe's past resurface, the cracks begin to show in their homespun paradise.”

      The Haunting of Harry Payne 

      Written and produced by John Mangan, this live-action feature was directed by animator Martyn Pick (helmer of Warhammer 40,000: Ultramarines!) in May/June 2011. A trailer appeared in October that year and the latest news is that the film might be finished in early 2013. 

      “Ex-London gangster Harry Payne retires to Norfolk to be close to his wife, driven mad when he was forced to kill his best friend, psychopathic gang boss Eugene McCann. Immediately he is drawn into a murder mystery in which an obsessive local police detective targets him as the killer. However, unknown to anyone, Harry has psychic abilities he has always suppressed with alcohol. Now he must confront the supernatural and his own personal demons to save his wife and free the tormented souls of the ghosts that haunt him.”

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      Ryan L Driscoll’s Axed, which was released over here in July, hits US shelves in February under the ‘Fangoria Presents’ banner, which has been dormant for a while but previousy brought American audiences such top-notch British horrors as I Zombie, Dead Creatures and The Last Horror Movie.

      Also coming to US buyers is Ryan Andrews' Elfie Hopkins, which has been retitled Elfie Hopkins: Cannibal Hunter for its March release.

      Before that - Citadel, The Awakening, The Hounds and Cherry Tree Lane are all released on US DVD this month

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    • 01/19/13--13:08: Coming soon: Tag
    • Tag started shooting in October 2012 and is expected to hit festivals in 2013. Written and produced by Aaron Ellis, it is directed by Sam Walker. The cast includes Tom Bott (The Quiet Ones), Montanna Thompson (Tracy Beaker), Georgina Sherrington (The Worst Witch), Jack Binstead (Bad Education) and Aaron Ellis.

      Synpsis: A teenage girl falls victim to a deadly infection which alters her human instincts, DNA, memories and emotions then sends her on the hunt for her friends in a blood thirsty game of Tag, the story follows Liam Hutcherson as he leads group through the paranormal.

      Trailer and official sit coming soon. In the meantime, there's a Facebook page.

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      It's over three years since I reviewed The Fallow Field and I have long been puzzled why it hadn't seen a release. Well, it finally hits DVD in March, including a Making Of, trailer, stills gallery and a commentary by director Leigh Dovey and producer Colin Arnold. Here's the synopsis and the trailer. Highly recommended.

      ‘MEMENTO meets WOLF CREEK set against the backdrop of English harvest time’

      THE FALLOW FIELD is one of the most original but twisted British horror films to be seen in years, and the debut feature from British filmmakers Leigh Dovey & Colin Arnold.

      Not for the first time, amnesiac Matt Sadler (Steve Garry) awakes alone in the middle of a wilderness with no recollection of the past seven days. Finding his way home he discovers a life rapidly falling apart: his wife is convinced he’s hiding an affair, the police are suspicious of his repeated disappearances and now he is plagued by terrifying nightmares when he closes his eyes.

      As disturbing slithers of memory gradually return to Matt he retraces his steps to uncover his missing actions during the blackouts. Matt’s search leads him out of the city and in to the countryside, to a remote farm owned by loner Calham (Michael Dacre). The cold farmer is suspicious of Matt but instantly sparks a dark sense of déjà vu in his visitor. But Calham turns on Matt, imprisoning and interrogating him, before forcing him on a terrible journey of abduction and slaughter to show the amnesiac the twisted games they used to play together. As Matt’s fogged memory slowly begins to clear and he learns the two men share a violent history, the horrors of their past come skipping out of the darkness to greet them….

      Genuinely dark and quintessentially English, The Fallow Field is a throwback to brutal horrors and thrillers made in the ‘70s. Capturing some of the genre’s bleak tones and threat, its twisting plot, slowly building sense of dread as well as sudden shocks and visceral scenes make The Fallow Field a genuinely terrifying film.

      THE FALLOW FIELD will be released by Monster Pictures in the UK on DVD on 11 March 2013.

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      I hadn't heard of this but it ties in brilliantly with this site: Making Monsters is 'a documentary that lifts the lid on micro-budget horror filmmaking'. This four-minute excerpt includes contributions from Damian Morter (The Eschatrilogy), Liam Regan (Banjo), Adam A Park (Zombie Mutation) and Dan Brownlie (Three's a Shroud) plus a couple of online reviewers (but not me, for some reason...).

      It looks like this specifically covers the past few years so probably doesn't overlap too much with the remit of my book, which finishes at the end of 2008. This is what I call the British Horror Boom, 2009 and onwards - the period when the profusion of micro/zero-budget films available through new distribution channels has resulted in an unkeep-upable profusion of British horror movies, adding up to one a week for the past four years.

      A Quick look at "Making Monsters" from safehouse pictures UK on Vimeo.

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      Jason Ford's hoodie horror feature Community is released on UK DVD next month. Matchbox films release the disc on 11th March, certificate 15.

      Shot in August 2011 as Final Project, Community debuted at last year's Frightfest. It stars Elliott Jordan (EastEnders, The Toybox), Jemma Dallender and Terry Bird Find out more at

      The Draymen Estate has become an urban legend. Amongst the sinister stories of unsavoury locals and brutal violence, several people have apparently gone missing. Even the police won't go there. Enter two naive student filmmakers, Isabelle (Dallender) and Will (Jordan), with a well-meaning plan to make a sympathetic documentary of life on the estate.

      The unlucky duo quickly discovers that problems of drugs and crime in this community go way beyond the norm. This is a community which is about to present the students with material of unimaginable horror - turning their final project into their darkest nightmare.

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      Alone is an obscure 2002 British horror movie directed by Phil Claydon several years before he made Lesbian Vampire Killers. It was written by Paul Hart-Wilden (Living Doll) and features John Shapnel, Miriam Margolyes and Rick Wakeman among its cast.

      It can't in all honesty be said that it's very good (in my book I call it a "dreary serial killer film") but if you're looking for something odd, or you're a British horror completist, here it is online.

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      Issue 152 of The Dark Side arrived this morning, in which Allan Bryce devotes almost his entire editorial to praising my book Urban Terrors. Which has certainly made my day.

      "Respected film journo MJ Simpson does a fine job of chronicling the dawn of a new age of cheapie creepy home grown horror fuelled by the easy availability of digital technology," writes young Mr Bryce, adding "In fact I'm pretty awestruck by what he has done here ... MJ's unearthing of a vast array of shoestring wobblycam wonders so obscure that their biggest viewing audience was probably at the cast and crew screening."

      Allan calls the book a "fascinating tome", says that "what I like most about MJ's writing is his sense of humour" and finishes with "Urban Terrors gets a big thumbs up from me."

      Thanks Brycey, your cheque is in the post!

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    • 02/26/13--15:04: Pat Higgins comes alive!
    • Pat Higgins, director of some of the best films in the British Horror Revival, is celebrating ten years of his company Jinx Media - congratulations, Pat and Pippa! Without even taking a trip to IMDB-land, I can tell you that Pat is the man behind TrashHouse, KillerKiller, HellBride, The Devil's Music and one segment each of Bordello Death Tales and Nazi Zombie Death Tales, meaning that the total number of films he has directed is, rather bizarrely, four and two-thirds.

      At the Horror-on-Sea festival earlier this year Pat presented, and filmed, his live show Werewolves, Cheerleaders and Chainsaws, and this is now available to view online. And here it is!

      It's just over an hour long, it's hugely entertaining and informative, it has been nicely shot by Paul Cousins and I get a name-check in the thank you credits, which is very kind. Find out more about Pat and his previous and forthcoming word at

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      I am thrilled to report that my book Urban Terrors: New British Horror Cinema has been nominated for Book of the Year in the annual Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards. The Rondos have been going for more than a decade now, recognising excellence in films, DVDs, magazines, websites, models and all other aspects of classic horror.

      I know that Urban Terrors won't win: partly because the tastes of Rondo voters skew heavily towards older movies; partly because it's up against some terrific volumes including books by Jonathan Rigby, John Hamilton, Kirk Hammett and Ray Harryhausen; and partly because it only came out in December and hardly anybody has bought it.

      So I'm under no illusions, but nevertheless it's immensely pleasing to receive my second Rondo nomination (my first was a few years ago for a feature I wrote for Video Watchdog).

      Anyone can vote for the Rondos. You can find the full ballot and voting details on the awards website.

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      This is very weird. Back in 2004, Scottish film-maker Keith Bradley made a feature called Sacrificed. It won a prize at a little US horror festival in 2005, then sat on the shelf until July 2012 when it appeared on Distrify and as a self-released US DVD on Amazon. here’s the trailer and synopsis:

      Sacrificed is the story of Amber, a dowdy student who buys a dagger in an antiques shop, with the knife comes Sybilinka idol. The idol soon posesses Amber sending her on a blood thirsty killing spree. She eventually invites all her female friends over to her newly aquired mansion house where they have the sleepover from Hell.

      Five months later, the same film appeared on Distrify again, renamed The Download Horror. Except that this is a sort of MST3K version of Sacrificed with constant commentary by two Scottish ‘comedians’. Here's the new synopsis and trailer:

      When it comes to movies, Dougie and Robbo know what they like. And there is nothing they like more than a night in watching one of Big Al's latest downloads — especially if it's a horror film featuring five babes alone in a big house. Big Al is the neighbourhood bootlegger and they depend on him for a constant diet of blood, gore, nudity and whatever else he thinks will satisfy their craving. They always expect surprises. Will his latest offering, the horror film Sacrificed, live up to their expectations?

      Dougie and Robbo are soon in their element, competing to predict what is going to happen next on screen. Their spontaneous comedic roasting and daft comments mean that nothing is sacred and no one is safe. The lads' verbal sparring gives the audience a new take on the film. As the corpses mount up in Sacrificed, Dougie and Robbo's overactive imaginations and comic timing make The Download Horror a unique cinematic experience.

      Although Keith Bradley is listed as one of two producers on The Download Horror, the ‘director’ is Jim Hickey - who was production designer on Sacrificed! Sacrificed itself seems to have disappeared from Distrify which is a shame because, while it doesn’t look very good, I’d rather see that as an actual film than with Tom McServo and Crow T McRobot wittering in my ear.

      I could understand if the ‘comedy’ commentary (I’ve watched the trailer, and it really doesn’t sound funny at all) was just a DVD extra, but this seems to be marketed as an entirely new film, without any acknowledgement that the mickey-taking is being done by some of the people who made the original.

      How odd

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      Safehouse Pictures, the team behind The Eschatrilogy and Bicycle Day, have made a seven-minute short called Zombie Run.

      It's pretty basic as plots go - two runners get chased by zombies - but it's smartly made and shows what the team of Damian and Nicola Morter are capable of. The film was actually made (in three days at the start of February: eight hours to shoot and a couple of days of post) to promote the Barnsley Hospital Charity Zombie Run, a 5km run in which participants will not only have to avoid various obstacles but also avoid hordes of the living dead. Several of the cast and crew also worked on The Eschatrilogy.

      The Zombie Run itself will be on 19th October 2013. Tickets go on sale in a few days from the link above. There is also a Facebook thing.

      Here's the video:

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      This story from the Belfast Telegraph a few weeks ago is a little depressing:

      Yellow Fever Productions have made four independent horror features: Battle of the Bone, The Knackery,The Last Light and Splash Area, as well as organising a regular local film festival. Apparently they've just signed a deal with Eagle One Media in the States to distribute what will now be called Zombie Games: The Knackery, The Last Light: An Irish Ghost Story and Splash Area: Night of the Freaks so maybe that will keep them afloat.

      I must admit, I haven't yet seen any of these film but I do have a DVD of Battle of the Bone on my TBW pile and here are the other three on IndieReign:

      0 0

      Hemlock Books are having a four-day Easter Egg Hunt this weekend. Items marked with a blue Easter Egg entitle the purchaser to a free copy of either Shock Horror or Shadowland. There seems to be a blue Easter Egg on top of Urban Terrors so if you haven't bought your copy yet, snap one up (at £12.95, a fiver below the cover price) and get a free mag while you're at it.

      Last time I looked, Urban Terrors was no. 13 in Amazon's list of horror movie books, whatever that means.

      0 0

      Julian Richards' Summer Scars gets a UK re-release on 6th May. I said in my original review that I don't consider this a horror film (which I stand by, and which is why it's not included in Urban Terrors) though it is undoubtedly borderline and I have certainly seen it filed under 'horror'. This new release is playing up that angle with the sleeve which calls it an "unsettling, realistic terror flick". It's certainly a fine movie so if you haven't seen it, pick up a copy and make up your own mind.

      Press release

      Soda Pictures has announced the UK DVD re-release of Julian Richards' BAFTA winning hostage horror SUMMER SCARS with a street day of May 6th 2013.

      SUMMER SCARS tells the story of a gang of delinquents who ditch school to hang out in the woods where some hot rodding on a stolen moped changes the fate of their day. They crash into Peter, an ex-army loner, who is delighted to have some company. First he gains their trust by joining in their games, but then his behaviour begins to change. Peter uses what he has learned about the kids against them, bullying the aplha boys, belittling the weaker ones and saving his worst for the only girl of the group. As events spiral out of control the youths resort to extreme measures in order to survive the ordeal.

      SUMMER SCARS re-unites Richards with lead actor Kevin Howarth, the dynamic director/actor team behind cult sensation THE LAST HORROR MOVIE. Richards has since directed the forthcoming Hollywood thriller SHIVER starring Danielle Harris, John Jarratt and Casper Van Dien, whilst Howarth has starred alongside Wesley Snipes in GALLOWWALKER and Sean Pertwee in THE SEASONING HOUSE.

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